What is a Special Education Advocate?

The role of the Special Education Advocate is to evaluate educational records and other reports to develop a plan for specially designed instruction and related services to assist students with disabilities and their parents as part of your child’s educational team. Click here to print the SPECIAL EDUCATION INTAKE FORM and email me at tonihoy@gmail.com

Basic Consultation

Perhaps you just need some information for your upcoming IEP or 504 meeting or perhaps you just need a few questions answered. If you don’t need a special education advocate to attend your child’s educational meeting, I’m happy to provide a basic phone consultation for an hourly fee.

IEP/504 Preparation

To ensure I have the information needed to provide you guidance and support, I am requesting that you scan and email the following documents to me for
review prior to meeting in person (as applicable):

  • most current and prior IEP/504 documents
  • last two evaluations conducted  by the school district
  • medical records/private evaluations
  •  child’s challenges at school
  • educational supports needed
  • correspondence between you and the school that relates to your concerns

IEP/504 Participation

I will attend your IEP/504 meeting with you at your request as your child’s special education advocate. The presence of a skilled special education advocate can identify specific areas of need which school professionals may miss and facilitate communication to assist you in accomplishing your goals and helping your child make progress.

Transitional Planning

At the age of 14 ½ and older, your child is also entitled to transitional service planning. This includes instruction, vocational training, and community experience to help him or her develop independent living skills to support successful transition to higher education or vocational skills, as well as independent living skills.


Free 30 Minute Consultation

I provide a 30 minute complimentary consultation. Any time over 30 minutes will be billed at an hourly rate. Basic consultations will be charged by quarter hour. I charge an hourly rate for attending meetings, any lengthy discussions via phone or email, and for reviewing documents. Travel fees are half-rate one way to the destination for me to represent you as your special education advocate. 


I accept checks, Paypal, and credit cards