Residential Treatment Consultation


If you are seeking a residential placement for your child, please contact me for a consultation to discuss potential funding options to prevent a psychiatric lockout.  Click here for a RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT INTAKE FORM and email to

Together with your child’s treating therapist, arriving at the decision to place your child in a residential treatment center (RTC) is an emotionally heart-wrenching decision. It’s not a decision that parents come to before exhausting every other possible option.  Your frustrations over the complexity of seeking a funding source and an appropriate facility may lead you to a complete sense of overwhelm.

The obvious benefit to residential treatment is that your child will receive the most intensive treatment available—treatment which would be impossible to implement in your home. The goal is for your child to learn appropriate methods of coping and regulation and to practice them in a therapeutic setting so that he will be able to transfer those skills successfully back into your home environment.

There are pros and cons of admitting your child to a residential treatment facility. I’m happy to review them with you when we schedule an appointment.

Facility fees average $100,000-$150,000 per year. There are several ways to obtain funding for residential care without doing a psychiatric lockout. During our appointment, I’ll help you identify those resources and guide you as to how to apply for them.

The social service systems in Illinois are beginning to improve, due to new laws and legal action. While systems are in a state of change, it’s more important than ever to work with a consultant, like me, who has been a central part of making reforms and who is a parent with first-person experience.

I will refer parents to attorneys upon request.